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[i]cell Interactive™ Wall Displays

A permanent wall mounted custom case solution for libraries, museums, lobbies and similar settings.  Originally designed for California’s Public Libraries, these displays are easily transferable to other applications.  The Case Display and the Lozenge Display, though of similar overall size at approximately 40 x 30 x 5 inches, have different layouts and finishes.  The Case is a portrait layout with one common backlit graphic cover over all 12 cells and a small centrally located monitor for content playback.  The Lozenge is 6 cell activations in a landscape format with individual backlit graphic covers and a large 32 inch monitor for content playback.  Both displays run on small form Windows PCs inside which allows them to be plug and play once they have been mounted to a wall, no internet or network connections required.

The Interactive Wall Displays offer the same unique magical experience in activating content and keep the visitor engaged throughout a fun, memorable experience.  They are also well suited for presentations with a single user and others looking on.


  • All components are pre-installed into the display. Installation simply requires pre-mounting brackets onto the wall from which the display will attach.
  • The standard models are the stained wooden display case and the lozenge shaped painted case both with DuraTrans graphics on clear acrylic over the activation areas.
  • We can also develop custom options with different designs, configurations and materials to better integrate the [i]cell Interactive with its surroundings.