Select for [i]cell Interactive™ Table

Select for [i]cell Interactive™ Table

January 30, 2014
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[i]cell Interactive™ Table

During early childhood development, kids learn the basics of interacting in an environment. By engaging their hands, eyes and ears, the [i]cell Interactive Table helps build physical coordination and their understanding of the cause and effect nature of their actions in a playful manner. Simultaneously, they learn new information with images, sounds, and videos with this interactive table. It is ideal for fun, active places like childcare centers, playrooms, libraries, museums, and schools.

Wave your hand over the surface to see it light up and play short sound clips or a video on a separate monitor (optional). While the plexi surface is sturdy enough to take a hit while being played with, the unique feature of the technology is the ability to detect a user’s hand two inches above the surface. Waving without actually touching the surface activates the corresponding light and sound to play creating a novel interactive experience.


  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Attach the legs with a screwdriver, plug it in, and watch it boot up. Measures 24x24x24.”
  • PLUG AND PLAY – Already mounted inside of the table is a small Windows OS computer, interactive LED tiles, power transformer, and a speaker.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS – We modify a table produced by a reputable manufacturer of safe, environmentally-friendly children’s furniture.
  • CHOOSE ONE OR MORE THEMES – The table is currently available in one of 6 unique themes: Animals, Birds, Percussion Instruments, Orchestral Instruments, Sounds of Nature, and Vehicles and Aircraft. Want all 6 themes in one table? Please contact us for details. We also offer customized themes to suit your environment.