Select for [i]cell Interactive™ Kiosk

Select for [i]cell Interactive™ Kiosk

February 17, 2014
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[i]cell Interactive™ Kiosk

Our kiosk creates a larger human scale interaction by getting the user out of the frame of a touch-screen. The interactive consists of 8 cell activation points, an internal computer, and a 32-inch (1366 x 768) monitor.
All built into a 93″x39″x3″ self standing aluminum frame display complete with a custom printed fabric face. One power cord comes out the bottom. Special shipping cases are available for traveling units. The structure is Moss Inc’s EZFabric Wall System which makes it possible to expand the kiosk into a larger display by adding walls, structure and other accessories specifically designed for the EZ Wall System.


  • Easy to set up and portable if desired. Ideal for both permanent and traveling exhibits.
  • Easy Content Updating – Simply plug in a thumb drive and drag and drop media (jpg, mpg, wav) files onto a desktop folder.
  • Remote Content Updating Capability – Similar to Dropbox or FTP, the content files in the kiosk can sync over the internet with another computer, be it in your company office or home (optional), thus eliminating the need for physical access to the kiosk(s).
  • Interested in analytics? A simple log file is generated at pre-selected time interval (i.e. daily) that counts how many times each cell was activated.
  • Adjust the volume or shut down the kiosk all through the main cell interface. No need to access the computer.