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[i]cell Interactive™ Object Displays

The [i]cell Object Display is designed to bring several products, artifacts, and other types of objects to life by giving a visitor a magical interactive experience.
It can be difficult to rouse interest in a product or historical relic when it sits static inside a glass display case.  A hand-wave over the case or tile activation area can trigger content be it simply an audio only narrative description or full audio/video content on a nearby monitor.  The object then seen in use or better described in detail or perhaps it’s history discussed is given context and thus is “brought to life” for the consumer or visitor.

An [i]cell Object Display can take many forms and can be built in ways that allow people to reach directly for the object(s) or have [i]cell activation on the outside to keep the object(s) safe and protected on the inside.


  • Update content – The artifact may be ancient, but that doesn’t mean your media has to be. Easily change the content to stay relevant with your organization’s on-going events and functions.
  • Retro-fitting – Does your library, museum, or retail store already have displays that could use an [i]cell upgrade?  Talk to us about retro-fitting your current displays with our technology.