[i]cell Technology

The [i]cell technology system is a no-touch gesture/proximity activated interface. An [i]cell display delivers the ability for real-time instantaneous response to an action with audio, visuals and media.  It forms the basis for an intuitive, user-friendly interactive installation or display.  It engages visitors with a fun, non-linear, self-directed experience that keeps them interested in the content which helps them retain what they’ve seen and learned.

[i]cell Interactives are deployed in many different products and applications.  Grouped together and connected to a computer, the cells backlight images that connect the user to the content on the computer, allowing them to independently explore the information based on their interest, all with a wave of a hand up to 4 inches away.

The cells use electrostatic sensitivity to activate, enabling them to sense someone’s presence through any material except metal, making them easy to use behind a variety of translucent printed materials even behind a 1 inch thickness.